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To make condoms as socially acceptable as toothpaste, we partner with educators, non-profits, and health departments to normalize sexual health conversations. Our distribution services offer a full range of safer sex products at factory-direct prices through a single source.

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Celebrating 30 years of Commitment to Public Health

We're on a mission to change the taboos around sexual health. Over the years, we've grown and adapted to meet the challenges of our customers, developing products and solutions that have revolutionized sexual health outreach. No bananas needed.

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We are dedicated to providing the largest selection of sexual health products in one convenient location. In addition to our variety, we offer unparalleled customer service and advice on sexual health outreach ideas. 

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Let's partner together to educate and empower people to make healthy decisions when it comes to sex. If you would like to qualify for Non-Profit pricing, or would like billing terms, please sign-up for an account.

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Lori Mizuno, Los Angeles’ AIDS Healthcare Foundation

[The Los Angeles AIDS Healthcare Foundation] has worked with Global Protection for approximately eight years, and we have ordered large quantities of our own branded label condoms. Global Protection has assisted us with designing our condoms and coordinating our orders. Overall, we have purchased 40 million condoms through Global Protection. They have been great to work with, providing thorough and prompt service. We appreciate their ability to manage our very large-scale orders, including orders sent overseas to our offices in Nigeria, Uganda, and Tanzania.

Peter Twyman, Keep A Child Alive

ONE Condoms is a great partner who supports our annual Black Ball, an evening in New York City dedicated to raising funds crucial to the success of our programs. Their colorful condoms ignite conversation about an important public health issue and are a crucial component in educating youth about sexual health. I firmly believe in communities joining forces to find solutions. There’s power in numbers. We are stronger when united and that’s why I know that, together with committed and passionate partners like ONE, we’ll ultimately have the strength to change the course of this epidemic.

Operations Director, State Health Department

Working closely with Global Protection, I have seen that they are proactive, planning well in advance of our quarterly needs and able to provide additional product needs that were not anticipated. Global Protection has been efficient and reliable in delivering various types of condoms and lubricants to my warehouse in a timely manner. Global Protection has…provided extremely competitive pricing, which has enabled us to provide more condoms and lubricant to support our County and State community health programs.

Condom Distribution, Municipal Health Department

Through the turn-key web platform developed by Global Protection, we are able to produce multiple designs and create mixes appealing to very diverse communities. This is an important factor for our program. We can create condom wrappers designed for—and by—the communities we are trying to reach. Plus we love their round condom wrappers…they get attention, entice conversation about safe sex practices, and people remember them.

Outreach Coordinator, State Health Department

We are very, very happy with the customer service and support provided to us by Global Protection. This project has been a big lift — and we've added over 100 agencies across our state to our network of condom distribution partners since transitioning to this purchasing method. We anticipate continuing this method in the future, and look forward to continuing to work with Global Protection. Initially we created these relationships with three distributors, and you all have been (by far) the easiest and most responsive to work with. In short, you are demonstrating a standard of excellence among your industry partners — and I continue to be thankful for, and impressed by, your service. 

Leslie B. Doyle, Lifebeat

Among our many collaborations, Lifebeat partnered with ONE® for the Lust for Life campaign, which brought together celebrated NYC street artists to help stop the devastating rate of HIV in urban communities. As the benefit organization, Lifebeat received a generous donation that helped us continue our vital work to educate and provide resources to at-risk communities. Because the wrappers have colorful and fun art, ONE condoms are a favorite when we conduct outreach — particularly among youth. I recommend Global Protection not only for their high-quality, engaging products, but also because of their dedication to working in partnership with health organizations to make a difference.