Private Label FAQ

Global Protection Corp.’s Private Label Program is designed to help you create your own condom brand; fully brand your condoms, the wrappers, as well as the packaging and sell the condoms direct to consumer or in a retail setting.

Below are a few frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions or would like to chat with one of our private label experts, please fill out our private label inquiry form. We’re looking forward to helping you create your brand!


Q: What is the difference between Private Label and Custom Condoms®?

A: All our condoms, including Custom Condoms® and Private Label condoms, are cleared for sale as a medical device. Meaning, all our products are intended for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy.

 The Custom Condoms® program, allows you to apply your logo or design to a variety of ready-made condom promotional items, such as condom keychains, wrappers, or condom cases. Condoms are classified as a medical device, and the packaging of condoms is overseen by the FDA. Because Global Protection is the condom manufacturer, Custom Condoms products cannot be repackaged into retail cartons (such as 3-packs or 12-packs). They can be sold online in bags, as long as Instructions for Use (IFU) is provided to the customer. But they cannot be sold in-store or in a retail setting. Because Custom Condoms® do not include retail packaging, the minimum quantities are much lower — such as only ordering 10 condom wrappers with a customized logo for a party or event.

 The Private Label Program allows you to maintain complete creative control of your branded product. Choose from a variety of available condom styles, then customize the wrapper, instructions, and retail packaging. This program is intended for items that will be sold in retail or online. Therefore, the minimum order quantities for Private Label are much higher than for items intended just for promotional purposes.

Q: Do the condoms contain harmful chemicals or animal products?

A: Our products are made with the finest quality ingredients, and are cleared for sale as a medical device. Our condoms do not contain harmful chemicals, such as: parabens / paraffins / talc / benzocain / nonoxynol9 / glycerin / cetyl alcohol / spermicide / gluten / etc., and do not contain any animal products.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

A: Private Label is creating a brand. You can choose between a 432,000 condom pieces run, OR a smaller run of 288,000 condoms with a slight per-condom upcharge.

 These are per condom style minimums. So, if you are planning on 3 different condom styles, the MOQ applies to each style. After meeting the minimums, additional quantities would need to be in 288,000 condom piece increments.

Q: What are the packaging options?

 A: Standard packaging choices are loose bulk condoms (no retail packaging), retail 3-packs, retail 12-packs, or some combination adding up to the 288K or 432K MOQ. If retail packaging is chosen, you must commit to a minimum of 10,000 of either the 3-pack or 12-pack. If you’d like BOTH options, it would need to be 10,000 of each due to the printer minimums Global Protection is held to.

Q: What styles do private label condoms come in?

A: You may choose from basic styles (see separate Private Label Flexible Configuration sheet for pricing): Standard 7 Lubricated, Colors, Flavors, Extra Large, Studded, Ribbed, and Ultra Thin. All our condoms are natural rubber latex condoms. We do not have a non-latex version available at this time.

Q: How to submit artwork for wrapper and packaging design

A: We provide you with the templates for the condom foil as well as the retail cartons. They are in an Adobe Illustrator format. There are various regulatory packaging requirements that we will outline for you. These templates are for the U.S. market exclusively, so any private label opportunities outside the U.S. market need to be escalated on a case-by-case basis. Also, standard MOQs may NOT apply to non-U.S. projects, due to additional regulatory work that might be required in a specific country.

Q: Can Private Label products be sold outside the USA?

A: The existing process and packaging templates we have are for the U.S. market exclusively, so any private label opportunities outside the U.S. market need to be escalated on a case-by-case basis. Also, standard MOQs may NOT apply to non-U.S. projects, due to additional regulatory work that might be required in a specific country.

Q: Why choose Global Protection Corp’s Private Label Program?

A: Benefits of Choosing Global Protection Corp: In addition to high-quality condoms made by Karex (the world’s largest volume manufacturer of premium condoms), you receive the benefit of our experienced Quality Management services, and will fall under our liability insurance umbrella. That means you do not have to set up a quality department in your office. We handle all the quality and regulatory work, while you focus on building and marketing your brand.

Q: How long does it take to manufacture private label products?

A: From the time you give final approval for the art proofs to go into production, manufacturing lead time is 12-16 weeks plus shipping time (approximately 5 weeks from Malaysia/Thailand with customs clearance).

Q: What are the payment terms?

A: A 50% nonrefundable deposit is due to begin an order.  The remaining 50% balance is due prior to product pickup.  

Private Label customers will be billed for their volume of ocean freight used on a 40’’HC container to ship from the Thailand / Malaysia to Boston. Customers will only be billed for the volume their order uses on a shared container with other Global Protection items. Customers will also be billed for ground freight shipping from Global Protection's warehouse in Boston to the final destination.