Let's change the conversation.
And encourage more of it.

As a global leader in manufacturing and distributing sexual health products and educational materials, we're on a mission to change people's attitudes about sex. We're encouraging more open, frequent, and playful conversation about sexual health, and we're continuously innovating and reimagining our products to feel better, fit better, and work better. We envision a world where engaging in safer sex is as second nature as wearing a seatbelt. Buckle up.

innovation & manufacturing

The technical stuff that gives you all the feels.

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our brands

Look what thirty years of curiosity can do.

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private label

Healthy Competition? Sign us up.

At Global Protection, we make sexual health products for some of the biggest names in the industry. It's super-secret private label business. Of course we don't just make the products, we also include the highest possible level of quality control. While the idea of making products for your competitors may seems strange, we also make products for direct and retail outlets. The way we see it, the more sexual health products we create, the more safer sex happens. 

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non-profit & government

We're positively sex positive.

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other brands, supplies and bulk

Way more than just one brand.

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