The First Condom to be Made with Graphene

Introducing ONE® Flex™

Next Generation Condoms® have arrived. Introducing the world’s first graphene condoms, ONE® Flex™.

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ONE® Flex™ | The First Condom in the World Made with Graphene

Announcing the World's First Graphene Condom, ONE® Flex™

ONE® Flex™ is one of the world’s thinnest condoms and provides 85% more body heat transfer than standard latex condoms.

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ONE® Condoms launches the world’s first graphene condom today, after nearly a decade of research and development. Graphene was discovered in 2004, quickly capturing international attention as the thinnest, strongest, and most conductive material on the planet. NASA calls graphene a “wonder material,” in reference to its unmatched capabilities. 

A 10-count ONE Condoms Flex package, with a Flex condom wrapper shown. Also pictured are the ONE Condoms and Flex logos, alongside a logo displaying the connection between latex and graphene.

“Graphene is like a magic ingredient for condoms. It provides incredible thinness, strength, flexibility, and heat transfer – all the things you want in a condom. Our hybrid graphene-latex condom addresses some of the most common condom complaints head on, including pleasure, sensation, and comfort,” said Davin Wedel, CEO and founder of ONE® Condoms.

Graphene received international attention in 2010, when physicists experimenting with its capabilities were awarded a Nobel Prize in Physics. 

The discovery of graphene has been a catalyst for innovation across industries, including space travel and renewable energy. Today’s arrival of ONE® Flex™ marks a massive development in sexual health innovation.

“Our scientists spent nearly ten years developing a hybrid condom by molecularly bonding graphene with natural rubber latex, resulting in one of the world’s thinnest condoms,” said Wedel.

Why make condoms with graphene?

The molecular makeup and characteristics of graphene represent a leap forward for an industry where adoption and usage have always been a focus. Although aware of the risks of unprotected sex, people are often unwilling to sacrifice sexual pleasure for safety. In a clinical trial, ONE® Flex™ was preferred 2-to-1 over standard latex condoms, a result that speaks positively to increasing condom usage. “Imagine the impact of a condom that could make safer sex as pleasurable as unprotected sex,” said Wedel. “In order to have a dramatic impact on public health, we continue to reinvent the condom to get as close to a skin-on-skin feel as possible.”

“Ten years of research and development is no minor undertaking, but we have remained deeply motivated by our vision of increasing condom access and usage across populations. The release of ONE® Flex™ is a huge step forward, and we are proud to be at the forefront of an innovation with massive implications for the sexual wellbeing of our planet,” says Wedel.

What are the benefits of graphene condoms?

Graphene is 200 times stronger than steel and 1 million times thinner than human hair. It is also the most conductive solid ever discovered. 

When bonded together, graphene molecules fill the space between latex molecules, creating a new material that advances thinness, flexibility, and thermal conductivity. This enhances comfort, pleasure, and sensation. 

On its own, latex is an insulator, which keeps you from feeling your partner’s natural body heat. Graphene, on the other hand, is the most conductive material on the planet. Because ONE® Flex™ molecularly combines latex with graphene, the condom increases body heat transfer by 85% compared to standard latex condoms. This results in more sensation and a natural, skin-on-skin feeling. 

A 10-count tube of ONE Flex Condoms with the text, "85% Better Body Heat Transfer". Also featured are the ONE Condoms and ONE Flex logos.

One of the top complaints about ultra-thin condoms is a tight and restrictive feeling. When combined with graphene, latex can stretch farther without feeling tighter. Due to the capabilities of graphene, ONE® Flex™ condoms are ultra-thin without losing flexibility, sensation, or comfort.

Are ONE® Flex™ condoms cleared by the FDA? 

Yes. ONE® Flex™ is FDA-cleared for sale for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy, and the technological advancement is safeguarded by a patent. Thanks to carbon-based graphene, the condom has a natural charcoal hue. All ONE® Condoms are vegan-friendly, non-GMO, nontoxic, and free from any harmful chemicals. All ONE® Condoms are packaged in tubes made from 100% recycled paper.

Where are ONE® Flex™ condoms available?

ONE® Flex™ condoms are available now at,, and in select Walgreens stores. 

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