Global Protection is the exclusive distributor of FC2 Female Condoms®!

As of May 2022, we partnered with Veru to become the exclusive distributor of FC2 Female Condoms (internal condoms) to the U.S. public sector.


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What is FC2?

FC2 Female Condom® is the only FDA approved, commercially available internal condom that offers women better control of their sexual and reproductive health, providing both hormone-free pregnancy prevention and protection against STIs like gonorrhea, chlamydia, and HIV/AIDS.

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Empowering Sexual Health

Benefits of FC2ㅤ

FC2 is hormone-free, latex-free, and is inserted before sex is initiated.


Veru & Global Protection

Why is Global Protection the exclusive distributor?

Global Protection has been serving the U.S. public sector for 30+ years. We are extremely excited to partner with Veru to distribute FC2 to our public sector customers and communities across the country.

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How to Purchase - Organizations

FC2 is available for registered non-profits and schools in a bag of 100, case of 500, and case of 1,000.

Note: You must log in to your non-profit account to order FC2.

FC2 is not available to ship to Puerto Rico through Global Protection.

How to Get - Individuals

The FC2 Female Condom® (Internal Condom) is a form of contraception with STI protection that is covered by most insurances with no out-of-pocket expenses when prescribed by a healthcare professional.

FC2 Rx Portal Steps

Step 1:

Fill out a quick questionnaire online

Step 2:

Connect virtually with a doctor for $0

Step 3:

Get FC2 delivered straight to your door

1. Telehealth

Get FC2 for $0 with most health insurances shipped conveniently to your door with a $0 virtual visit through Veru.*

Simply go to their website and click "Get FC2" to be taken into the telemedicine portal. Then, complete the online consultation ($0 copay) and a healthcare provider licensed in your state will issue a prescription. The FC Female Condom® is fully covered by most insurances plans per the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and is delivered to your door for free. Go to

* FC2 is also available through other telemedicine providers, sometimes only as an add-on to hormonal birth control.

2. Visit a doctor’s office

Users can get a FC2 prescription from their doctor's office. Any doctor can prescribe the FC Female Condom® (internal condom). After obtaining a prescription, take it to a local or mailorder pharmacy of choice for fulfillment. All pharmacies can stock FC2.

3. Public health

Health clinics, non-profits, and other public health entities may carry FC as a part of a distribution program.