State of Sex Ed & Our Visit to the State House

Nov 14, 2023
a sign that says "What is scarier than medically inaccurate sex education"

In October, we had the pleasure of attending the “Sex Ed Isn’t Spooky” rally at the Massachusetts State House in support of the Healthy Youth Act. Surrounded by homemade signs with creative slogans, the one that epitomized the necessity of the legislation simply stated: “What is scarier than medically inaccurate sex education?” 

The state of sex education in the United States isn’t ideal, to say the least. Of the 28 states (plus D.C.) that mandate sex education, only 18 require it to be medically accurate. Many of these states have laws that call for abstinence to be stressed as the best option. Even fewer states necessitate sex education to be culturally appropriate, unbiased, or LBGTQ+ inclusive. Decades of research show that comprehensive, age appropriate sex and relationship education reduces rates of unintended pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and interpersonal violence – so failing to provide this for our youth endangers them. This is why it is so important to pass the Healthy Youth Act. 

Although we believe that everyone should receive proper sex education, the Healthy Youth Act will not force schools to add sexual health education. It simply requires sex education curriculums already in place to be medically accurate, age-appropriate, and comprehensive. These are the same rules that apply to almost every other class taught in the public school system. As the Healthy Youth Act Coalition puts it “we don't expect kindergarteners to learn calculus - and we certainly don't teach them that one and one add up to three.” Why should sex education be any different? 

Lyv Norris, a Public Health & Reproductive Justice Advocate in charge of organizing speakers for the event, elaborated further by explaining:

“This bill will open up opportunities for young people who aren't able to have these conversations at home about their bodies, about their relationships, about their identities.” Lyv went on to say that right now, sex ed is different from school to school and classroom to classroom, making it impossible to ensure that “we are preparing our young people equitably and making sure that they're all getting access to the same information.”

Having been raised and educated entirely in Massachusetts, Lyv understands first hand the importance of providing young people with medically accurate education. “I've gotten all my health care in Massachusetts and it has been such a challenge for me to find information that affirms my identity, that helps me understand what's going on with my body, that helps me navigate challenging relationships, and I want better for our young people and our young people deserve better.” 

The belief that young people deserve better and that we can provide better is the essence of what drives Lyv and the rest of the HYA supporters we met at the rally. “We are so much more capable than what we are offering them right now. And I think that when we are not teaching young people, sex ed when they are young, we fail them when they are children and then we fail them again and again throughout the rest of their lives and we all deserve better than that. We know better. I think that we should do better. The science is on our side and I think it's time to pass the healthy youth act enough is enough.” 

Founded in 1985, our company has been fighting for people to have access to sexual health resources and fun sexual wellness supplies for over 35 years. As a company founded and based in Massachusetts, we want our community to thrive. We also stress the importance of receiving the correct information to best take care of your sexual and reproductive health. 

At Global Protection, education has always been at the heart of what we do. Our goal is not only to provide quality sexual wellness supplies but also to contribute to the broader conversation about sexual health education. We invite our customers and community members to join us in advocating for comprehensive and inclusive sex education, ensuring that our youth are equipped with the knowledge they need to make informed and responsible choices.

Want to get involved? Head over to to learn more!

a collage of images from the rally

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