A Sex Educator's Guide to MAPD

Jan 23, 2024
Happy Measure A Penis Day!

What is Measure a Penis Day? Celebrated every year on February 1st, MAPD is a day to celebrate open conversations about penis size and condom fit through a body positive lens! At Global Protection, and through our brand MyONE® Custom Fit™, we know that when condoms fit right and work as intended – people are more likely to use them. That’s why MyONE has 52 different condom sizes, including sizes snugger & larger than any other brand. 

Challenge Your Own Assumptions

 When someone says that condoms don't fit them, we often assume they are complaining about it being too small. But, condoms can be uncomfortable for a number of reasons other than a tight squeeze. The average penis length is 5.57 inches but the standard condom length is 7 inches. In fact, regular condoms are too long for 91% of people. When a condom is too loose or too long, it can lead to slippage and put the person at risk of unintended pregnancy or STIs. Worrying about condom fit can also distract from pleasure and confidence. Out of all 52 MyONE Custom Fit sizes, our snuggest size is our #1 top seller. 


“One of the main things is [to] be honest with yourself and your partner. If the condom is the wrong size just ignore whatever stigma you've created in your mind. Your pride is nowhere near as important as avoiding mishaps and preventing STI's or pregnancy.” - MyONE customer 


“I've had too many condoms just slip off. The standard condoms are always way too big.” Vance


Learn more about snugger condom sizes here


Just because something stretches and fits doesn't mean it's comfortable; Watermelon in tight condom


The Arm/Foot Method


We’ve all seen (or done) the condom over an arm/ foot demonstration to show just how much it can stretch. But just because something stretches & fits doesn’t mean it’s comfortable. An arm or foot has a solid bone in it, versus a boner, which, despite its name, has to work super hard to pump blood to stay erect. When condoms are too tight, they can cause instant erection loss or the dreaded “red ring of death” (like when you have a rubber band on your wrist too long and it leaves a painful mark). Wearing a condom that is too tight can increase the risk of breakage, decrease sensation, and make it difficult to maintain an erection. Think of condom sizes like shoes; would people wear shoes that “fit”, but that are way too tight? Of course not! Those shoes would hinder performance, comfort, and people would just go barefoot.


“MyONE allowed me to purchase a size that was long/wide enough to accommodate my size, and as a result, I'm having safer and more pleasurable sex, thanks, MyONE!” Jax


“I'm on the large size and regular condoms become quite painful around the base very quickly. There isn't much pleasure when your penis is in pain.” MyONE Customer


Learn more about larger sizes here


Common Condom Fit Challenges

Learn More About Fit

Regular condoms are 7" long, too long for 91% of people. Too much extra length can result in a thicker ring of latex choking the base of the penis (1), or the condom hanging off (2). If the condom is too short, it leaves the base of the penis unprotected from STIs (3). Regular condoms are too tight for 70% of people. This can lead to uncomfortable constriction (4), a painful tight ring at the base of the penis (1), and erection loss. If a condom is too loose, it can cause slippage (5). 


 Start listening to people who struggle with condom fit rather than shutting them down.

Listen, Don’t Judge. 

Our assumption is often (unfortunately) that anyone who complains about condom fit is a liar, and it’s simply not true! Start listening to people who struggle with condom fit, rather than shutting them down. This helps increase trust among educators and their clients, while also connecting them to important information about condoms. We put together a handy dandy language guide, a condom fit Dic(k)tionary, and together we can build body acceptance

 MyONE® FitKit® being lovingly passed between hands

Hand them a FitKit®

The easiest way to find the perfect condom size is by using a MyONE® FitKit®. MyONE®  condoms have 9 widths and 10 lengths for a total of 52 different sizes. After combining your Girth Number (ex. 45) and Length Letter (ex. C), you get your FitCode (ex. 45C)! The sizing recommendations on the MyONE® website are based on years of data and our formula for ideal fit, which recommends a condom length slightly longer than the actual penis length and a condom width slightly snugger than the actual penis girth measurement. This is so that people can get full coverage from base to tip, and also that the condom is a little snug so it stays on. Then they can order a sample of tha specific size to test before they buy or subscribe. 


Let us know if you are interested in handing out FitKits® at your next event!


No time to measure? People can also check out these MyONE Quick Sampler kits in the Snug, Classic & Large range. Each sampler includes 3 different sizes to test, based on someone’s experience with regular condoms. 


For more information on condom measuring, check out the MyONE® Dic(k)tionary!

They are non-latex, prelubricated, can be inserted ahead of time (vagina or anus), and work for almost every penis size!

Suggest FC2

Even with MyONE® Custom Fit™ having 52 sizes, there are still people who need a snugger (shorter and/or tighter) or a larger (wider and/or longer) condom size. If external condoms don't work for someone’s specific penis size, tell them about internal condoms! Internal condoms are used by the receiving partner and can be inserted a few hours in advance of intercourse. The only brand currently on the market is FC2. The other benefits are that they are non-latex, prelubricated, can be inserted ahead of time (vagina or anus), and work for almost any size penis! 

MyONE® 3 count samplers in bed with a couple

Refer them to MyONE®!

When someone complains about condom fit or says condoms don’t fit them, send them our way! We have easy ways to Find Your Fit, and sample kits so people can confirm their size before they buy! We even have a Size Specialist to answer your hardest hitting fit questions!


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