GPC History

1987 isn’t a year many think of as the start of a revolution.

But when Davin Wedel, then a sophomore at Tufts University in Boston, heard Surgeon General C. Everett Koop announce that condoms prevented the spread of HIV, he decided to join the fight. At that time, it was becoming increasingly clear that the spread of AIDS was a major public health emergency, and Koop publicly advocated the promotion of condoms to prevent the disease. This was a major step forward for AIDS awareness, but a big problem remained. Condoms were unpopular, embarrassing to buy, and stigmatized by social taboos. Clearly, condoms had an image problem.

With Davin still at the helm as its Founder and President, Global Protection Corp. has been making history – and making a difference – ever since. Over the past 30 years, the company has adapted and grown to be a respected innovator, trusted manufacturer, worldwide distributor, and public health champion.

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The company was also actively communicating its ideas about condom promotion and safer sex education to the public. Health educators used Global Protection Corp.’s innovative condoms as icebreakers to help their clients relax and get them talking about condoms and sexual responsibility. Today, Global Protection Corp.’s products are used by health educators everywhere and are considered essential educational tools.

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Much has changed since the flight of the first Jumbo. Global Protection Corp.'s products have helped shape the way condoms are viewed in our culture, demonstrating that private companies can help advance public goals. This unwavering approach – combining popular culture imagery, social marketing, high-quality products, and educational tools – remains the foundation of Global Protection Corp. today.